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Holland Insulation provides top-quality insulation services using the newest technology to make your home more energy-efficient and safer.


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Our Insulation Services

Our insulation services provide a range of economical and premium insulation services to meet your specific needs. Our eco-friendly products are mostly made of recycled materials that are fire-resistant and offer superior soundproofing. Chemical-free options that will not support mold growth are also available.

Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Highly effective solution in reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

Adding attic insulation to your home, office, or business is a smart way to save money on your energy bills!

Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Avoid gaps and air movement to maximize energy efficiency in your home or office with added noise control benefits.

About Holland Insulation

We provide insulation installation for both commercial and residential customers: new construction, remodels, & existing-we do it all!

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With 50+ years of experience, Holland Insulation will keep your home/business comfortable, energy-efficient, and noticeably quieter all year-round.

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With years of experience and happy customers, we not only get the job done fast but we get the job done right. Expert installers with the highest satisfaction.

Always on time, great customer service, and better than the others insulation companies highly recommended.

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Quick, friendly, and knowledgeable installers that insulated our new home in Holland, Michigan. Highly recommend them.

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We decided to go with Holland Insulation over a few others for our business insulation needs and are extremely happy with the choice.

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